Crush It With Social Media

Why Should You Use Social Media and Not Let It Use You.

If you’re not on social media why not? It’s free to talk about your products and services. Social media is a powerful tool that can do the same for you as it does for the big guys.

In fact I would say if you really go for it you can be more popular and have more followers than the big guys.

Post Post Post, If you’re going to post a lot, don’t worry about people who tell you you’re not posting enough. Those are the people who are going to stay the same, making the same money they always make year after year. Take massive action, I know you’ve heard that before but it’s true.

Take massive action and then take more action.capture

One of the most important things that will make your business grow is taking massive action every day. I love it when people say “Hey man you’re posting too much”, that means I’m doing something right. The other day I got an email from an old friend and he said he might have to stop following me on twitter because I post too much.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want people to stop following you on social media, but it’s ok if they don’t follow you anymore. If they are of that mind set then they’re just not that into you and they aren’t going to buy from you anyway. Just keep moving forward and keep posting. The best indication you’re doing something right is you get a hater.

Yep, some guy that has enough time to post hate about you everyday, you know the guy. He’s broke, complains about everything going wrong in his life, and won’t do anything to change it. You know what you do when you get a hater? Post more, post and keep on posting. You’ll have more followers than you know what to do with.

Oh and speaking of followers, the more people you follow the more will follow you back, so go follow 50 people! Follow 50 more tomorrow and 50 the next day, for a few days to get your following up. This is especially important when you are new to a social media account. And you don’t have to push product everyday but I do.

Just make most of your posts helpful and then throw a product post in every 4th or 5th post. This is something anyone can do and it’s free advertising, so get out there and post!


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