Don’t Stop Until You Dominate! (Home Run In Life)

My friend Bob and I left the next day on our big adventure.

I had never really been very far away from home before. I was a very exciting time. I remember that first day we were driving through the desert with the windows rolled down and the air rushing through the truck was exhilarating. I remember it like it was yesterday.


We had no idea what was ahead for us. We were all in. The best things I have ever done in life were the things that I went all in on.

We got to this little town in the desert and it was a town that time forgot about. I mean the buildings were like 100 years old and the only buildings that looked new were the 2 or 3 fast food places in town.

We started the new job the next day, we were a 2-man carpet install crew. Bob had a couple of years’ experience and I had helped on a few jobs so I kind of knew a little.

This was a turning point in my life.

I learned a lot that summer and me and Bob became really good friends.

Now Bob owns a tree service in Jacksonville Florida. He’s always loved the outdoors and being in the fresh air. It fits him, he was into plants and bushes and crap when we were working together. I mean he can name every plant he sees. The guy’s amazing. He does all kinds of tree stuff, he will get a lot of work when hurricanes come through and knock a bunch of trees down on houses and powerlines. But he stays busy when there is no hurricanes to, he’s a real go getter. He trims tree, trims bushes and grinds stumps and crap. I know he’s one of the best out there because he goes all in. I bet in a couple of years he will have the best tree service in Jacksonville. He won’t stop until he dominates the tree removal world. He comes up with some crazy ideas. I can just see it now… He’ll have a crazy idea about a tree store where he sells “Jacksonville Tree Service” T-shirts and mugs with a picture of some weird tree on them. The guy just can’t help himself. He’ll open a tree bar so you can stop in and have a drink on the way home from work. For Tree Service Jacksonville Fl He’ll invent some kind of weird shoes that cling to the tree when you climb it and sell them to every tree service guy out there.

I know one day this guy’s going to be a millionaire, and I’ll go out to his mansion and visit him.


Shout out to our friends at Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning

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