Crush It With Social Media

Why Should You Use Social Media and Not Let It Use You.

If you’re not on social media why not? It’s free to talk about your products and services. Social media is a powerful tool that can do the same for you as it does for the big guys.

In fact I would say if you really go for it you can be more popular and have more followers than the big guys.

Post Post Post, If you’re going to post a lot, don’t worry about people who tell you you’re not posting enough. Those are the people who are going to stay the same, making the same money they always make year after year. Take massive action, I know you’ve heard that before but it’s true.

Take massive action and then take more action.capture

One of the most important things that will make your business grow is taking massive action every day. I love it when people say “Hey man you’re posting too much”, that means I’m doing something right. The other day I got an email from an old friend and he said he might have to stop following me on twitter because I post too much.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want people to stop following you on social media, but it’s ok if they don’t follow you anymore. If they are of that mind set then they’re just not that into you and they aren’t going to buy from you anyway. Just keep moving forward and keep posting. The best indication you’re doing something right is you get a hater.

Yep, some guy that has enough time to post hate about you everyday, you know the guy. He’s broke, complains about everything going wrong in his life, and won’t do anything to change it. You know what you do when you get a hater? Post more, post and keep on posting. You’ll have more followers than you know what to do with.

Oh and speaking of followers, the more people you follow the more will follow you back, so go follow 50 people! Follow 50 more tomorrow and 50 the next day, for a few days to get your following up. This is especially important when you are new to a social media account. And you don’t have to push product everyday but I do.

Just make most of your posts helpful and then throw a product post in every 4th or 5th post. This is something anyone can do and it’s free advertising, so get out there and post!


Don’t Stop Until You Dominate! (Home Run In Life)

My friend Bob and I left the next day on our big adventure.

I had never really been very far away from home before. I was a very exciting time. I remember that first day we were driving through the desert with the windows rolled down and the air rushing through the truck was exhilarating. I remember it like it was yesterday.


We had no idea what was ahead for us. We were all in. The best things I have ever done in life were the things that I went all in on.

We got to this little town in the desert and it was a town that time forgot about. I mean the buildings were like 100 years old and the only buildings that looked new were the 2 or 3 fast food places in town.

We started the new job the next day, we were a 2-man carpet install crew. Bob had a couple of years’ experience and I had helped on a few jobs so I kind of knew a little.

This was a turning point in my life.

I learned a lot that summer and me and Bob became really good friends.

Now Bob owns a tree service in Jacksonville Florida. He’s always loved the outdoors and being in the fresh air. It fits him, he was into plants and bushes and crap when we were working together. I mean he can name every plant he sees. The guy’s amazing. He does all kinds of tree stuff, he will get a lot of work when hurricanes come through and knock a bunch of trees down on houses and powerlines. But he stays busy when there is no hurricanes to, he’s a real go getter. He trims tree, trims bushes and grinds stumps and crap. I know he’s one of the best out there because he goes all in. I bet in a couple of years he will have the best tree service in Jacksonville. He won’t stop until he dominates the tree removal world. He comes up with some crazy ideas. I can just see it now… He’ll have a crazy idea about a tree store where he sells “Jacksonville Tree Service” T-shirts and mugs with a picture of some weird tree on them. The guy just can’t help himself. He’ll open a tree bar so you can stop in and have a drink on the way home from work. For Tree Service Jacksonville Fl He’ll invent some kind of weird shoes that cling to the tree when you climb it and sell them to every tree service guy out there.

I know one day this guy’s going to be a millionaire, and I’ll go out to his mansion and visit him.


Shout out to our friends at Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning

Plan Your Day The Night Before


My Philosophy For Hitting a Homerun In Life

Today I’m in a great mood. I try to wake up in a great mood every day. If you kind of plan out your day in your head the night before, your mind will go to work while you sleep to set you up to win the next day and you will be in a great mood.

Another thing I do is, I write down three things I am grateful for every morning. And they have to be new things every day. (Actually I think I got this from the book “The Slight Edge”)

I went out for a walk and there are a lot of people in my neighborhood who jog, walk the dog or ride bicycles in the morning. I myself believe you have to get moving in the morning to really be firing on all cylinders throughout the rest of the day.

I live in a great neighborhood with a lot of very friendly people. I love this neighborhood, it’s a little upscale and kind of expensive for 90% of the people but I believe anyone can live in a place like this if they just go after their obsession.

I don’t mean pursue some destructive obsession, find one you can obsess over and make money at. If your making money at something you’re obsessed about you will eventually love your work and when that happens you’ll never have to work another day in your life, because it won’t feel like work.

I haven’t always lived in a great neighborhood and I have had some jobs that did feel like work let me tell you. But I can’t say I ever really hated any of my jobs. You know, some people go around really hating their jobs and that’s a real shame because that’s no way to live life.

I’ll tell you what, if you’re in a job that you hate I have a way to start turning it into a job you like. Not a job you love, I didn’t say you would love it but you’ll like it a lot more.

Whatever your job is, whatever field it’s in, I want you to go out there and find out more about it. No, I’m serious.

Even if you work a mundane job that is repetitive like a factory or machine shop. Oh you say you already know everything there is to know about it?

I have to tell you I did work in a machine shop for a very few months when I was in my early 20’s and man it was the most boring job I have ever had.

You know what I did? The first thing I did was work my ass off. Yep, that’s right I would set up my work station so I could reach everything just right so it was the most efficient work station in the whole place.

I would come in 15 minutes early every day to make sure everything was just right and then I would try to beat my record from the previous day. We would have a running total of how many parts we competed that day and every day I would try to do more than I did the day before.

It made the day go by faster and you better believe the boss took notice. I out produced everyone in the shop and some of these guys had been there 10 years.

I had been working there about 3 months when the boss called me into his office. He told me he had never had a worker that worked like me. At the time I was making $6.25 an hour, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I know what you’re thinking man $6.25 an hour is peanuts and I’m not going to tell you “Oh yeah but back then that was good money”. No it was the bottom of the barrel at that time, in fact I think it was minimum wage I think.

This was my lucky day! My boss was going to offer me a raise!

He did offer me a raise, he told me I would get a 25 cent raise come Monday. That was one of the biggest letdowns, you talk about the wind coming out of my sails! Man what the heck just happened.

Apparently I thought I was doing a better job than he did. (I think he was just going by company policy and giving me the typical 90-day raise)

I went home that night and thought long and hard about that raise, and I went back in the morning and quit my job.

I had given that job my all and I made the job not suck, but I thought about it and at this rate it would take me 2000 years to make the kind of money I wanted to eventually make.

So I quit, and that was one of the best decisions of my life.

The next day I got a job offer in another state working with a buddy of mine and we left the very next day!

It was the begging of a great adventure…


Can Life Be Full Of Home Runs?

You Can Be A Home Run Hitter In Life!

I know, I know this blog is about homeruns for me and the book I have just read is a homerun! It’s about how anyone can hit home run after home run in life.just-do-it-1432951_640

It’s about a doing small little things every day that make a huge impact on your life in the long run. And the way the book describes it, the long run isn’t so long. If you work at it every day you will be there before you know it.

The book is called “The Slight Edge” and if you haven’t read it, get it, read it, implement it.

In my many travels in this long road we call life I have had a lot of time to think and the more I read and think about what I’m pulled towards and what is driving me is starting to come into focus now that I’m a little older.

We all take our youth for granted and I think that’s part of god’s plan, because if we didn’t we would never experience some of the crazy bordering on dangerous things in life.

If you thought, you were going to die jumping your bicycle off the curb you would probably hesitate to do it. If you really thought those things were going to really hurt you, you probably wouldn’t do them. At the time you felt you were invincible.

When you got into your late teens and early twenties you were jumping motorcycles and doing 150 miles per hour with your hair on fire. Jumping off cliffs into sparkling water. Skiing and hiking the highest mountains. I know I was, if you weren’t you were doing similar stunts of some kind.

Anyway I digress, the things that drive me now and the things I obsess about now are a lot different than the things I obsessed about when I was a kid.

When I was a kid I obsessed about playing baseball. I loved baseball and all of my friends loved baseball and I think the whole world loved baseball because I didn’t know anyone who didn’t love baseball. It just goes to show you your perception is your reality.

Of course everyone in the world didn’t love baseball but it seemed that way to me at the time.

This perception thing is something that shapes your life. It’s shaped your life in the past and it shapes your life now.

If you think about it one day you had a revelation that some idea, and idea you believed in, and idea you knew was the way things where and all of the sudden you found out you were wrong about this belief you had.

How did you feel? You had a perception of life one day and the next your whole world was a different place.

And it was all in your mind. That’s the crazy thing.

Perception is reality. It is. You can’t refute it, it’s true and I can prove it to you.

Listen, have you ever been fired from your job? I want you to think back real hard, think about the night after you got fired.

Everything felt different that night, you felt broke all of the sudden or you were thinking about being broke. Hey you weren’t any broker than you were the day before, you had the same amount of money you would have if you didn’t get fired but your perception of the world changed a little that day.

Hey I’ve got a crazy idea, why don’t we change the perception before something monumental happens.

If perception is reality than we can change our reality just by changing our perception of the world.

Experiment: Take a few minutes and think about how you want your life to be and jump into that life. I mean really get into it, feel it. If you want to be rich with a great big house on the beach, with tall palm trees in the front yard than be that person for a few mins.

Stop, close your eyes and for the next five minutes do this exercise.

See I told you…